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In order to comply with COVID-19 Restart Ohio regulations we TEMPORARILY will be changing the way our Playground operates. This schedule allows us to provide a clean and safe environment for all to play and celebrate at Little Explorers Playground!

After careful consideration and following the decisions of state and local health officials for Ohio Schools, we are making the preemptive decision – our Playground won’t be offering OPEN PLAY at this time.

We will return to OPEN PLAY Sessions when most of our schools will return to 5 day on-site learning. 

We believe in our hearts that it is the right thing to do at this time to keep all, our clients and team members as safe as possible. We all must work together to help stop the spread of the virus in our communities to keep all our families safe.

Little Explorers Playground stays open for Private Play Sessions and Private Birthday Party Celebration.

Little Explorers TOYS toy store will remain OPEN. Thank you all who choose to SHOP with us instead of big retailers for the quality, learning toys for your children. This way you give your support to local business and local jobs. 

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram posts @littleexplorersplayground to stay informed.

 ❗️IMPORTANT UPDATE: ALL parties will now be PRIVATE parties only. 

 To learn more about Birthday Party Celebration please visit: www.littleexplorersplayground.com/birthday-party/

Do you have a Preschool, Daycare or Parent Group that would enjoy meeting and playing together at Little Explorers Playground?

You and your group will have exclusive 2 hours use of Little Explorers Playground and snack area on your scheduled date.

$150 for up to 15 children. Admission for each additional child is $10 each, regardless of age or ability (No 18 month old or younger or Sibling Playground Admission prices will apply).

Preregistration and non-refundable deposit of $50 required.

To reserve your PRIVATE Play Time please email us: contact@littleexplorersplayground.com.

Guest Responsibilities

Our goal is to Stay Safe Together.  This means we have a shared responsibility to do our parts during this period of time.  We kindly ask our guests to follow a few basic responsibilities to ensure a safe and fun play time at Little Explorers:

♦️If you or your child have had any illness symptoms, such as runny nose, nausea, a fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea  etc. within the last 72 hours, please wait to visit our facility. We will gladly welcome you when you return to full health!

♦️ All guests entering the facility will be asked for a TEMPERATURE SCREEN. If you present with an elevated temperature, we will kindly ask you to visit on a different day. If you or your child has as runny nose or cough, we will kindly ask you to visit on a different day.

♦️To ensure better protection for our guests and team members ALL ADULTS ARE REQUIRED to wear masks while on premise.

♦️Sneeze & cough into your arm! Please be sure to avoid touching your face and kindly cover your mouth and nose if coughing or sneezing.

♦️Keep your hands clean – please wash your hands periodically and properly while on premise. We also ask that you sanitize your hands before and after your play time.

♦️Encourage your children to wash their hands often and to keep their hands away from their faces (especially their mouth, noses, and eyes) while they’re playing!

♦️If your child puts any toy in their mouth, please be sure you immediately bring it to the front counter or place toys in the white baskets labeled “Toys to be sanitized”.

♦️Keep your distance – please remember to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Families are encouraged to stay together in queues and throughout their visit.

♦️Absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINKS are allowed. 

💎 Clean space, clean toys, healthy children! 

While all businesses may now state that they are focused on cleanliness and safety, Little Explorers Playground has built its business model around these two criteria since inception.  As ALWAYS, keeping the playground clean and children safe is a top priority for us at Little Explorers!

💎Every day during play session and after hours we sanitize ALL toys and surfaces. 

We have ALWAYS and will continue to use all natural but effective cleaners that fight 99.9% of all germs and are nontoxic to our environment and bodies! 

 💎Every few days we sanitize carpet floors, sand, ball pit and surfaces that cannot be wiped. 

💎At Little Explorers we use Air Purifiers with multiple stages of filtration using true HEPA filter and activated carbon prefilter that will capture up to 99.97% of particles in the air. 

Additional cleaning features include ionizer and UV-C light to sanitize and kill germs, allergens, and viruses.

💎Hand sanitizer is available throughout the Playground.

💎Shoes or bare feet are not permitted in the Playground. Socks are required for children and adults. 

Thank you for your adherence to this policy for everyone’s safety and health!


We are unique, nature-themed, modern indoor PLAYGROUND with innovative and educational toys to play and discover, featuring different sensory play areas including  sand, music, blocks, and more.  Learn more

Kids build fine motor skills, engage in sensory exploration, and learn how to share with others. Toys in playground and are carefully chosen to ignite children’s imagination, analytical thinking, creativity, and physical development.

Tuesday through Friday at 11:30 am and 6:30 pm we offer craft classes and activities (price included in Daily Pass). Activities schedule.

Our  playground is designed exclusively for children ages 6 month to 6 years old. Parents or caregivers are required to be present with and responsible for their kids at all times.

We are open to the public most of the time, but also we offer private Special Events and Birthday Parties.

Please check our EVENT CALENDAR and read our PLAYGROUND POLICIES before planing your visit!

 On busy days, especially weekends when we have birthday parties, we reached our maximum capacity very quickly! Members, please call to reserve your playtime.


As you shop at the Little Explorers TOY STORE, you may find something is missing here! In fact, if you are accustomed to the toy store selection found at most stores, you may find a lot of items missing. Missing are the licensed, violent, cheaply made toys that end up in the trash can shortly after being played with by your child. But what you will find instead is a great selection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that entertain as well as educate! Learn more

Need a baby gift? We have a great selection of toys for babies! And we gift bag for free.

Always receive 10% discount on your favorite toys with your Daily Play Pass!

Give the Gift of an Experience – Gift Certificates available. Please call (440) 641-1515 to purchase over the phone or clic to buy online


At Little Explorers we believe that children’s birthday parties can be magical and beautiful events!

We offer custom and creative CELEBRATIONS for boys and girls, varied party packages to fit every budget!

Our facility is designed exclusively for toddlers and children up to 6 years old to celebrate their special day! Kid size furniture, fun play time, festive atmosphere – all children, their friends, & the adults in their lies enjoy the party! Make the day special, make it fun, make it memorable! Learn more

*Gift Certificates available. Please call (440) 641-1515 to purchase over the phone or clic to buy online

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